Are You Ready to Seize Your Life?

Jasmine Brett Stringer inspires and energizes audiences to embrace the possibilities that live in every moment.

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We all want to live a life of purpose...

We want to be fully present while embracing each moment–even the most difficult ones–with intention. Sadly, many of us become so consumed with planning our life, we often forget to live our lives.

The good news is, it’s never too late to Seize Your Life – to make the decision to live in the present while making the most of each day.

Through her inspirational and actionable, Seize Your Life keynotes, workshops, and customized coaching sessions, Jasmine empowers audiences to get out of their comfort zone, overcome limiting beliefs, and start shifting the focus from what is wrong to what is possible.

Seize Your Life with Jasmine Brett Stringer

I am thrilled to recommend Jasmine Stringer to any company looking for a high-energy, memorable, and entertaining keynote speaker. Jasmine was the keynote speaker for the Land O’Lakes Women’s Leadership Network annual event, attended by hundreds, both in person and online. Her connection in the room was terrific, and the more difficult virtual connection was even deeper. Our attendees commented that they enjoyed hearing Jasmine’s story and the advice she gave for success – both practical and aspirational. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants a professional speaker with heart.

K. Olson, Chief Communications Officer, Land O’Lakes, Inc.

Hi. My name is Jasmine Brett Stringer.

And I am on a mission to help people live empowered and authentic lives.

I believe in every moment, there is a possibility.

Early in my career, I lived my life like so many others — on autopilot, without vision or purpose. Then, an unexpected change forced me to make a choice about how I wanted to live my life and show up in the world. I leveraged that pivotal moment to learn the true meaning of Carpe Diem, and haven’t looked back since.

Today, as a professional keynote speaker, television lifestyle personality, and consultant I work with top organizations and associations, inspiring and energizing audiences to overcome the barriers that keep them from achieving success in their personal life and career.

Seize Your Life

How to Carpe Deim Every Day

When people hear the words ''seize your life'' or ''seize the day,'' they often think they have to do something grand, adventurous, or exotic or something that has a monetary cost associated with it. Seize Your Life is a collection of practical and actionable guidance intended to inspire and empower you to Carpe Diem Every Day through awareness, action, and appreciation. 

"This book sparkles with enthusiasm and inspiration for life. It's a treasure chest of positive suggestions for seizing the power of each day of your life."

Caroline Myss, New York Times best selling author of Anatomy of the Spirit and Sacred Contracts