Jasmine's 21-Day Gratitude Challenge

From Overwhelmed... To Overjoyed!

Can three weeks really transform your life? Absolutely, when those weeks are spent in conscious gratitude. A consistent practice of gratitude will shift your perspective, becoming a pivotal turning point towards a more fulfilling life.

Are You Struggling to Find Peace and Harmony in Your Life?

If your days seem increasingly burdened with stress and anxiety, or if you're navigating through a haze of uncertainty and a lack of direction, you're not alone.

Seize Your Life by Making Gratitude a Priority this Season

It is widely believed that it takes a minimum of 21 days for a habit to take shape in our lives. So, today I bring to you a simple 21-day Gratitude Challenge, starting November 24th 2023, that will help you,

  • Build the habit of being grateful
  • Start appreciating the little things in life
  • Practice gratitude journaling

“Gratitude is a practice and Jasmine’s Gratitude Challenge provided me with the necessary guidance to focus and prioritize my practice. Her challenge allows you to amplify your gratitude and reflect with intention.”

Kimberley Sundy | Senior Director, Sustainability at Kellogg Company

The Benefits of Gratitude

There’s a surprising amount of research on the benefits of gratitude on health, relationships and general well being. Some of the results seem fairly intuitive - people who are thanked for helping someone are more likely to help another person in the future, for example.

But, Did You Know...

People who make it a habit to cultivate a grateful attitude sleep better at night

People who express a grateful attitude are more patient and may make better decisions

Gratitude can help deepen relationships and improve your physical health

Keeping a gratitude journal has positive effects on one's physical well-being


The 2023 Seize Your Life Gratitude Challenge

So, the benefits of gratitude are clear, but what if you’re just not a naturally grateful person? 

Lucky for you, you can “learn” gratitude by practicing it.

Starting on November 24, 2023, we invite your invited to join me for 21 days and transform your perspective and unveil a world where gratitude reigns and stress bows. This 21-day gratitude challenge will help you foster a new attitude of gratitude by pushing you to look for the good around you and express thankfulness for it.

The 2023 Seize Your Life Gratitude Challenge will consist of:

  • Coaching & Community
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Daily inspiration delivered to your inbox
  • Weekly Group Coaching Call
  • Virtual Gratitude Meditation (Event)
  • Day of Service
  • Facebook Group

“Participating in Jasmine’s Gratitude Challenge earlier in the year helped me re-prioritize things in my life, provide clearer perspective on what is truly important, and gave me an opportunity to focus better on what really matters in my life.”

Melanie C. H. Mickie, MBA | Vice President of Sales, Toll Brothers

When Life Be Lifing...

Like you, I’ve felt the weight of the world at times. Days when stress and anxiety flood in, and where peace and harmony seem like distant dreams. I've know what it's like to wake up and wonder if there's more to life, to feel a lack of direction that dims the joy of everyday moments.

This constant state of overwhelm can feel like a never-ending cycle. It's exhausting, isn't it?

That’s precisely why I’ve created this 21 Day Gratitude Challenge. It's more than just a practice; it's a journey back to your heart, to the core of what matters.

Over the next three weeks, I'll guide you through simple, yet profound steps to reclaim your inner calm and rediscover the direction you've been yearning for. By intentionally embracing gratitude each day, we'll turn the tide together, transforming stress into strength, and confusion into clarity, one grateful moment at a time.

Challenge Accepted! 

Ready to join me in this transformative 21 Day Gratitude Challenge? Together, let's embrace the power of gratitude and step into a world where peace and direction thrive.

Challenge begins on Friday, November 24th 2023 - Sign up today!


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