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Whether in-person, virtual, or a hybrid event, Keynote Speaker and professional Emcee Jasmine Brett Stringer's speaking programs leave audiences energized, empowered, and ready to Seize their Life! Jasmine leverages the perfect mix of personal stories, humor, interaction, and action-oriented content that will renew attendees, both professionally and personally.

Seize Your Life - Live a Vision Driven Life

Seize Your Life

Unlocking Your Path to Personal Excellence

Witnessing the success of others can often lead to reflection on our own paths and potential. "Seize Your Life" is a dynamic program designed to empower individuals to take charge of their destiny by investing in themselves. 

This program explores the journey towards embracing a life fueled by personal ambitions and dreams. Participants will learn to identify and dismantle the barriers that prevent them from reaching their full potential. They will be guided in crafting a vision that propels them toward achieving their ultimate goals.

Audiences Will Be Inspired To:

  • Move beyond complacency to actively shape their futures
  • Develop a comprehensive and actionable plan for personal growth
  • Overcome self-imposed limitations and embrace a mindset of abundance
  • Prioritize goals and create a roadmap for success in all areas of life
Seize Your Life - Live a Vision Driven Life
Seize Your Opportunity - Move Beyond Stress and Burnout

Seize Your Well-Being

Navigate Beyond Burnout

The modern workplace can be a source of significant stress and dissatisfaction, leading to burnout and a sense of disengagement. "Seize Your Well-Being" is a transformative program that encourages individuals to confront these challenges head-on and to find balance and joy in their professional lives.

Jasmine offers insights and practical strategies for navigating workplace stressors, promoting resilience, and rediscovering the fulfillment that comes from meaningful work and personal achievement.

Audiences Will Be Inspired To:

  • Cultivate a resilient mindset that embraces challenges as opportunities for growth
  • Implement stress-reduction techniques that foster mental and physical health
  • Reignite their passion for their work and find purpose in their daily tasks
  • Achieve professional goals while maintaining a healthy work-life integration
Seize Your Opportunity - Move Beyond Stress and Burnout
Seize Your Relationships - Make Authentic Connections

Seize Your Connections

Develop Authentic Relationships

In an age where digital interactions often overshadow face-to-face connections, finding authentic and meaningful relationships can seem daunting. "Seize Your Connections" focuses on the art of building and nurturing relationships that enrich our personal and professional lives. 

Jasmine shares the importance of vulnerability, authenticity, and empathy in establishing connections that are both rewarding and transformative. Through practical advice and interactive exercises, participants will learn how to break down barriers, engage in meaningful conversations, and create a supportive network that fosters growth and success.

Audiences Will Be Inspired To:

  • Embrace vulnerability as a strength in building authentic connections
  • Prioritize and invest in relationships that offer mutual growth and fulfillment
  • Navigate the complexities of networking with ease and authenticity
  • Use personal stories and experiences as a bridge to deeper connections
Seize Your Relationships - Make Authentic Connections
Jasmine Brett Stringer Emcee Services

An Extraordinary Emcee Experience

Jasmine Brett Stringer's Energizing Emcee Services

Jasmine Brett Stringer, renowned keynote speaker and lifestyle personality, offers professional emcee services that bring an unparalleled level of energy, authenticity, and inspiration to any event. 

Leveraging her extensive experience and unique ability to connect with audiences, Jasmine ensures that your event runs smoothly while keeping attendees engaged and entertained.

Whether it's a corporate function, a community gathering, or a special celebration, Jasmine's dynamic presence and charismatic style create an atmosphere that's both enjoyable and memorable.

Her mission is to help people seize the possibilities in every moment, and she brings this philosophy to life as an emcee, transforming ordinary events into extraordinary experiences.

Jasmine Brett Stringer Emcee Services

Audiences  Love  Jasmine!


“Jasmine was engaging and her presentation was full of golden nuggets of information that left our audience feeling energized and empowered. She was incredibly easy to work with and took the time to cater her presentation to our audience. She received rave reviews from our attendees and we look forward to having her back to speak again.”

Hope Bertram, Digital Marketing Director


“Jasmine is wonderfully inspirational! Jasmine’s session was interactive, showing her passion for life and sharing personal stories. The most important aspect of this session was how all of the participants could make the most of each day and their lives. In one hour, I was left with a renewed drive (both professionally and personally) and to stay connected with Jasmine. I would highly recommend her as a motivational speaker!”


Seize The Power of The Ask

Elevating Your Voice for Life's Desires

"Seize The Power of The Ask" is a compelling program that emboldens participants to transcend the fears and anxieties associated with making requests, whether in personal or professional realms. Jasmine illuminates the path for audiences to find their voice, encouraging them to confidently ask for what they want and deserve in life. 

This program delves into the psychological barriers that often hinder our ability to speak up and offers practical strategies for overcoming these challenges to advocate for ourselves and our needs.

Audiences Will Be Inspired To:

  • Identify and confront the internal and external barriers that inhibit the ability to ask for what one wants
  • Cultivate a mindset of worthiness and agency to personal and professional desires
  • Develop effective communication skills that empower individuals to articulate their needs and desires clearly and assertively
The Power of the Ask - Ask for What You Want Out of Life
What  Does it  Mean to be an Ally in the Workplace?

Seize Allyship in the Workplace

Transforming Intent into Impact

"Seize Allyship" is a forward-thinking program designed to equip participants with the knowledge and tools needed to transition from passive supporters to active advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Through this experience, Jasmine leads a deep dive into what it truly means to be an ally, emphasizing the importance of connection, education, and engagement. 

Attendees will learn not just the significance of allyship, but also practical ways to support colleagues from marginalized groups, thereby contributing to a more inclusive and supportive work environment.

Audiences are Inspired To:

  • Understand the foundational principles of allyship and its critical role in fostering an inclusive workplace
  • Learn effective strategies for building meaningful connections with colleagues from diverse backgrounds
  • Gain insights into the challenges faced by marginalized groups and how to address them proactively
  • Develop skills to become more informed and engaged in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives
What  Does it  Mean to be an Ally in the Workplace?

Vision Board Experience


In the Vision Board Experience Workshop, Jasmine leads participants through a self-reflection process that cultivates a creative vision board for the next step of your life journey.

Vision Board Experience

Seize Your Life

How to Carpe Deim Every Day

When people hear the words ''seize your life'' or ''seize the day,'' they often think they have to do something grand, adventurous, or exotic or something that has a monetary cost associated with it. Seize Your Life is a collection of practical and actionable guidance intended to inspire and empower you to Carpe Diem Every Day through awareness, action, and appreciation.

"This book sparkles with enthusiasm and inspiration for life. It's a treasure chest of positive suggestions for seizing the power of each day of your life."

Caroline Myss, New York Times best selling author of Anatomy of the Spirit and Sacred Contracts